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Biographical note

Born on 7 September 1971. Degree in Law from the University of Pavia.  Lawyer (Milan Bar Association) admitted to plea before the Supreme Court of Cassation and other Italian Higher Courts.

Academic CV

Full Professor of Public Comparative Law at Bocconi University. PhD in Law drafting techniques and law evaluation methods, University of Genova. “Silvano Tosi” Master in Parliamentary Studies and Research promoted by the Italian Parliament, University of Florence.
Visiting Researcher Professor at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and at Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany; Visiting Professor at Universities of Valencia (Spain), Lima (Peru), Austral and La Matanza (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Monterey (Nuevo León, Mexico); Visiting Scholar at Fordham University (New York, USA) and Exeter University (UK).
Coordinator of the research group on Security and Terrorism within the Associazione Italiana di Diritto Comparato and Co-coordinator of the research group on Latin America within the association Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed Europeo.
Faculty member of the Bocconi PhD program in International Law and Economics. Regularly appointed as member of evaluation committees for PhD and Post-Doc Programmes in Italy and abroad.
National expert for the following research projects and seminars: Italian Key Opinion Formers led by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – Public Diplomacy Division Engagement Section, NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium, 2016;  The use of intelligence information, the 'national security' or 'state secrets' rule and secret evidence in national legislation and its interpretation by courts – Report 2014 – Centre for Research on Conflicts, Liberty and Security (CCLS) and Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), commissioned by the European Parliament; Meeting of European experts on national security and access to information, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012 – European consultation on Open Society’s draft Principles on National Security and the Right to Information – Report 2014. Member of the Europol Platform for Experts.

Research areas

Public Law and Comparative Public Law. Constitutional Law. National Security and Human Rights.

Selected publications

She published two monographs:


À la guerre comme à la guerre? La disciplina della guerra nel diritto costituzionale comparato, Turin, Giappichelli, 2007 (pp. 606)


Istituzioni europee e tecnica legislativa, Milan, Giuffré, 2001 (pp. 200)


She edited:


(with D. Cole and F. Fabbrini), Secrecy, National Security and the Vindication of Constitutional Law, Cheltenham (UK) & Northampton (US), Elgar, 2013


(with S. Lo Nardo), Consumo del territorio, crisi del paesaggio e finanza locale. Verso una nuova urbanistica, Gangemi, 2011


Among recent papers on national security:

The Dark Side of Counter-Terrorism: Arcana Imperii and Salus Rei Publicae, forthcoming in The American Journal of Comparative Law


Extraordinary Renditions: a Practice Beyond Traditional Justice, in D. Bigo, E. Guild and M. Gibney (eds.), Extraordinary Renditions and Secret Detentions. Challenges to Democratic Control of Intelligence Services and Human Rights Remedies, London, Routledge, forthcoming


State Secret Privilege Versus Human Rights: Lessons from the European Court of Human Rights on the Abu Omar case, in European Constitutional Law Review, 2017, v.13, n.1, 166-181


From DRD to PNR: Looking for a New Balance between Privacy and Security (with G. Marino Noberasco), in D. Cole, F. Fabbrini, S. Schulhofer (eds.), Surveillance, Privacy and Trans-Atlantic Relations, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2017, 67-87


Secrecy and Accountability for Extraordinary Renditions to Torture: Italy, the European Court of Human Rights and the Abu Omar Case (with F. Fabbrini), in European Journal of Human Rights, 2017, n.1, 3-20


The Dark Side of Counter-Terrorism: The Argument for a more Enlightened Approach Based on a Constitutional Law Paradigm, in S. Shetreet and W. McCormack (eds.), Culture of Judicial Independence in a Globalised World, Leiden-Boston, Brill-Nijhoff, 2016, 94-115


Da al-Qāʿida all’IS: il terrorismo internazionale si è fatto Stato?, in Rivista trimestrale di diritto pubblico, 2016, n. 1, 41-80


Data retention and its implications for the fundamental right to privacy: a European perspective, in Tilburg Law Review, 2015, v.20, 14-34


Il segreto di Stato resta senza giudice, in Giurisprudenza costituzionale, 2014, n. 1, pp. 394-403


I programmi di sorveglianza di massa nello Stato di diritto. La “data retention” al test di legittimità, in Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed Europeo, 2014, n. 3, 1224-1245


Among recent papers on topics related to public economic law:


Commento all’art. 201 (written with L. Ceffalo), in G.F. Ferrari and G. Morbidelli (eds.), Codice dei Contratti Pubblici. Il D.L.vo 18 aprile 2016 n. 50: Commentato articolo per articolo, Piacenza, La Tribuna, 2017, 1012-1022

Le energie rinnovabili nell’ordinamento canadese, in P. Carrozza, G. Cerrina Feroni, G.F. Ferrari, G. Morbidelli, R. Orrù (eds.), Fonti energetiche rinnovabili: policies locali, nazionali ed europee, alla luce dello sviluppo tecnologico in atto, ES, 2014, 193- 221