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Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

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Biographical note

Born October 13th, 1970. Degree in Political Economy from Università Bocconi. PhD in Demography, Institute of Quantitative Methods, Universit di Padova. Guest doctoral fellow at the Center for Studies on Sociology and the Life Course (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin).

Academic CV

Full Professor of Demography (became first-level professor in March 2004), he teaches demography and statistics and is director of the Master of Science in Economics and Social Sciences (DES-LS). Research fellow of IGIER. Between 1999 and 2002 he directed a research group at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock. Currently he is secretary-general/treasurer of the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS), co-chair of the Working Group on the Second Demographic Transition in Europe,and a member on the Panel on Transitions to Adulthood in Developed Countriesof the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP). He is associate editor of Demographic Research, member of the editorial board of Applied Population and Policy, and member of the consortium of International Max Planck Research School for Demographic Research. He is a consultant for a variety of institutions, including the United Nations (Economic Commission for Europe), the Council of Europe, and the Ministry for the Family of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Research areas

Demographical and simulation models. Social and family demography. Statistical demography. Test design and construction. International demography. Social policy and demographical behavior.

Selected publications

Tra le principali pubblicazioni: "Patterns of Low and Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe" (with H.-P. Kohler), in Population Studies, 58, 2004; "Becoming an Adult in Europe: A (Micro/)Macro-Demographic Perspective", in Demographic Research, S3, 2004;"Choices, Opportunities and Constraints of Partnership, Childbearing and Partnering: The Patterns in the 1990s", in United Nations, European Population Forum 2004 (background paper); "Life Course Analysis", in P. Demeny and G. McNicoll, Encyclopedia of Population, New York, Macmillan, 2003; "Cohabitation, Marriage, First Birth. The Interrelationship of Family Formation Events in Spain" (with P. Baizán and A. Aassve), in European Journal of Population, 19, 2003; Agent-Based Computational Demography (ed., with A. Prskawetz), Heidelberg, Physica-Springer Verlag, 2003; "The Emergence of Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe During the 1990s" (with H.-P. Kohler e J.A. Ortega), in Population and Development Review, 28, 2002; "Leaving Home: A Comparative Analysis of ECHP Data" (with others), in Journal of European Social Policy, 12, 2002; "Spatial Profiles in the Analysis of Event Histories. An Application to First Sexual Intercourse in Italy" (with R. Borgoni), in International Journal of Population Geography, 8, 2002; "Political Economy and Life Course Patterns: The Heterogeneity of Occupational, Family and Household Trajectories of Spanish Young People" (with P. Baizn and F. Michielin), in Demographic Research, 6, 2002; "A Sickle Transition Rate Model with Starting Threshold" in Statistical Methods and Applications, 10, 2001; "The Analysis of Early Life Courses: Complex Descriptions of the Transition to Adulthood", in Journal of Population Research, 18, 2001; "Sequence Analysis in Demographic Research and Applications", in Canadian Studies in Population, 28, 2001; "Leaving Home in Europe: the Experience of Cohorts Born Around 1960", in International Journal of Population Geography, 7, 2001; "A Log-Logistic Regression Model for a Transition Rate with a Starting Threshold", in Population Studies, 55, 2001; "The Impact of Income and Occupational Status on Leaving Home: Evidence from the Italian ECHP Sample" (with A. Aassve and F. Ongaro), in Labour: Review of Economics and Industrial Relations, 15, 2001; "The Effect of Age on Time Until Ovulation in Female Menstrual Cycles. A Longitudinal Data Analysis Based on Mixed Models" (with A. Rosina), in Genus, LVII, 2000; L'analisi delle biografie e la transizione allo stato adulto. Aspetti metodologici e applicazioni ai dati della Seconda Indagine sulla Fecondità in Italia, Padova: Cleup Editrice, 2000; "Macro-Demographic Effects of the Transition to Adulthood: Multistate Stable Population Theory and an Application to Italy" (with P. Manfredi and A. Valentini), in Mathematical Population Studies, 9, 2000; Quadri concettuali per la ricerca demografica: quattro saggi (with A. Bonaguidi, S. Salvini, A. Santini and A. Rosina), Firenze, Dipartimento di Statistica "G. Parenti", Universit di Firenze, 1999; Generazioni di donne a confronto. Indagine socio-demografica (ed., with L. Mauri), Milano, Franco Angeli, 1999; "Does Cohort Matter in Pre-transitional Mortality? Analysis of Adult Mortality Using an Event History Approach: the Case of Chioggia in the 17th Century" (with A. Rosina), in Genus, LIV, 1998; "The Transition to Adulthood in Italy. Evidence from Cross-sectional Surveys" (with F. Ongaro), in Espace, Populations, Sociéts, 2, 1998; "Mortality among the Very Old: a Model and an Application to Italy" (with C. Maccheroni), in Giornale dell'Istituto Italiano degli Attuari, 1-2, 1996.