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Biographical note

Degree in Economics from Università Bocconi.  PhD in Economics from Yale University.

Academic CV

Full Professor of Industrial Economics. Director of CESPRI (Center for Research on Innovation and Internationalization), Bocconi University. Editor of the Journal Industrial and Corporate Change. Advisory editor of Research Policy. Associate editor of the Journal of Evolutionary Economics. He has been a visiting scholar at the Department of Economics and the Center of Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Stanford University, and at Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg. He has been President of EARIE (European Association of Research in Industrial Economics) and of the International Schumpeter Society. He is on the Managing Board of ESSID (the European Summer School on Industrial Dynamics).

Research areas

Economics and industrial organization. Firms. Technical progress. Innovation. Industrial dynamics.

Selected publications

  • Sectoral systems of innovation (with P. Adams) Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management,  M.Dodgson, D.Gann and N, Phillips (ed)  Oxford University Press 2014
  • The magnitude of innovation by users in a sectoral system: the case of semiconductors (with P.Adams and R.Fontana)  Research Policy  2013
  • Are switching costs always effective in creating first mover advantages? (with G. Capone and L.Orsenigo)  Long Range Planning 2013
  • Economic Development as a learning process. Variations across sectoral systems (with R. Nelson. ed.) Elgar, 2012
  • Learning and catching up in different sectoral systems: evidence from six industries (with R.Nelson)  Industrial and corporate change 6,  1645-1676   2011
  • Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship and Innovation Systems: Evidence from Europe” (editor) Routledge  Abington UK   2010
  • Demand, Innovation and Industrial Dynamics (with S. Klepper) Industrial and Corporate Change 2010
  • Demand as source of entry and the survival of new semiconductor firms  (with R. Fontana)  Industrial and Corporate Change  2010
  • Sectoral systems of innovation and production in developing countries” (editor with Sunil Mani) Edward Elgar  2009
  • “ Vertical Integration and Dis-integration of Computer Firms: A History Friendly Model of the Co-evolution of the Computer and Semiconductor Industries”  (with R. Nelson, L Orsenigo and S. Winter)  Industrial and Corporate Change  2008
  • “Public policies and changing boundaries of firms in a “history-friendly” model of the coevolution of the computer and semiconductor industry” (with R.Nelson, L.Orsenigo and S.Winter)  Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization   2008
  • “Schumpeterian Patterns of Innovative Activity in the ICT Field" (with N.Corrocher and F. Montobbio) Research Policy  2007 
  • “Innovation and the dynamics and evolution of industries: progress and challenges”  International Journal of Industrial Organization   2007
  • “Perspectives on innovation” (editor with S.Brusoni) Cambridge University Press 2007