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11079 ARTS LAW

Biographical note

born in Treviso, April 3 1971

Academic CV

2012-current: Associate Professor of commercial law, Bocconi Univeristy

2005-2012: Assistant Professor in Commercial Law, Bocconi University

2008: Scholarship holder, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law, Munich

2005: Visiting Scholar, CCLS, Queen Mary University of London

2002–2003: Intellectual Property LL.M., Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute – University of London

2001-2005: Research Fellow in Intellectual Property Law, Bocconi University

1998– 2001: PhD in competition law, Università degli Studi di Perugia

1997-1998: Master for Business Lawyers, Bocconi University

1990-1995: Law Degree, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Research areas

Intellectual property law, digital copyright,competition law, public art law, architectural copyright

Selected publications

Main books

M.L. Montagnani, Il diritto d’autore nell’era digitale: la distribuzione online delle opere dell’ingegno, Giuffrè 2012

A. Flanagan, M.L. Montagnani (eds), Intellectual Property and Social Justice: a law and economics approach, Edward Elgar Publishing 2010

M. Maggiolino, M.L. Montagnani (eds), Marketing e diritto, Egea 2009

Main and most recent articles

P. Magnani. M.L. Montagnani, From art displays to art experience: what protection for art exhibitions and art festivals?, 3 Queen Mary Law Journal 204-223 (2013)

M. Maggiolino, M.L. Montagnani, Standardized Terms and Conditions for Open Patenting, 14 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology 785-816 (2013) (https://conservancy.umn.edu/bitstream/155464/1/Standardized_Terms_for_Open_Patenting_by_Maggiolino_and_Montagnani_MN_Journal_Law_Science_Tech_Issue_14-2.pdf)

A. Bertoni, M.L. Montagnani, Il ruolo degli intermediari internet tra tutela del diritto d’autore e valorizzazione della creatività in rete, XI Giurisprudenza Commerciale 537-585 (2013)

M. Borghi, M. Maggiolino, M.L. Montagnani, M. Nuccio, Determinants in the online distribution of digital content: an exploratory analysis, 3 EJLT European Journal of Law and Technology (2012) (http://ejlt.org//article/view/149/252)

M. Maggiolino, M.L. Montagnani, From Open Source Software to Open Patenting – What’s New in the Real of Openness?, 42 IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 804-832 (2011)

M. Maggiolino, M.L. Montagnani, Astrazeneca's Abuse of IPR-Related Procedures: A Hypothesis of Anti-Trust Offence, Abuse of Rights, and IPR Misuse, 34 World Competition 245-259 (2011) (http://www.kluwerlawonline.com/document.php?id=WOCO2011020)

M.L. Montagnani, A New Interface between Copyright Law and Technology: How User-Generated Content will Shape the Future of Online Distribution, 26 Cardozo Art & Entertainment Law Journal 719-773 (2009) (http://www.cardozoaelj.com/wp-content/uploads/Journal%20Issues/Volume%2026/Issue%203/Montagnani.pdf)

 Book chapters and Treaties

M.L. Montagnani, La disciplina del fenomeno della reprografia in Italia, in G.F. Ferrari (a cura di), Regole reprografiche, Cedam, 2012, 78-89

A. Bertoni, M.L. Montagnani, Cloud-based locker services for music: other incoming battles in the endles war between copyright and technology?, in Challenges and Opportunities of Online Entertainment, UOC-Huygens Editorial, 2012, 25-46 (http://openaccess.uoc.edu/webapps/o2/bitstream/10609/15121/6/IDP_2012.pdf)

M.L. Montagnani, I contratti di trasferimento di diritti di proprietà intellettuale e la disciplina delle intese, in I contratti nella concorrenza, Trattato di diritto privato, diretto da Pietro Rescigno, Utet, 2011, 799-872

A. Flanagan, F. Ghezzi, M.L. Montagnani, The search for EU boundaries: IPR exercise and enforcement as ‘misuse’, in Flanagan, Montagnani (eds), Intellectual Property and Social Justice: A Law and Economics Approach, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010, 112-143