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Biographical note

Born August 7th, 1957. Degree in Economics from Università Bocconi. Master of Science in Economics, London School of Economics. PhD in Economics, Università Bocconi. Full Professor in Economics from 2003. Member of the Department of Economics, Chair of the Department, 2006-08, Dean for Rectoral Affairs from 2008. 

Academic CV

Full Professor of Economics. Head of the E. Bocconi Department of Economics till October 2008. Former Director of the Institute of Economics "Ettore Bocconi" from 2005 to 2007. Dean for Rectoral Affairs from 2008 to 2012. Chief Editor of the Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia. He has taught in the Faculty of Economics at the Universita di Sassari.

Research areas

Industrial economics. Antitrust. Regulation. Political economics.

Selected publications

Hotelling Duopoly with Consumers", in Journal of Industrial Economics, 1991; "Political Exchange and the Allocation of Surplus a Model of Two-Party Competition" (with M. Grillo), in A. Breton and G. Galeotti (eds.), Preferences and Democracy, Dordrecht, Kluwer, 1993; Teoria dell'oligopolio, Bologna: il Mulino, 1993; "Internal Cohesion and Competition among Criminal Organizations", in L. Fiorentini, S. Pelzman (eds.), The Economics of Organized Crime, Cambrige University Press, 1995; "Concentration and Public Policies in the Broadcasting Industry" (with M. Motta), in Economic Policy, vol. 25, 1997; "La riforma del settore elettrico in Italia: una privatizzazione al buio?" (with C. Scarpa), in F. Giavazzi, G. Tabellini, A. Penati, Liberalizzazione dei mercati e privatizzazioni, Bologna: il Mulino, 1998; "Electoral Competition and Political Rents", IGIER wp 144, 1998; Industria bancaria e concorrenza (ed.), Bologna: il Mulino, 2000; "Leniency Programs and Cartel Prosecution" (with M. Motta), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 21 (3), 2003, 347-380; "Are Judges Biased by Labor Market Conditions" (with A. Ichino, E. Rettore), European Economic Review, 47, 2003, 913-44; "Regulation for Pluralism in the Media Markets", in P.Seabright J. von Hagen (eds.) Regulation of Media Markets, Cambridge U.P. 2005; Antitrust: Economia e Politica della Concorrenza (with M.Motta), Bologna: Il Mulino, 2005; "An Economic Approach to Artiche 82" (with J.Gual, M. Hellwig, A.Perrot, P.Rey, K.Schmidt, R.Stembacka), Report for the DGCompetition, European Commission, 2005.  Buyer Power and Quality Improvements (con P.Battigalli e C. Fumagalli), Research in Economics (2007) 61: 45-61. Buyer Power and Quality Improvements (con P.Battigalli e C. Fumagalli), Research in Economics (2007) 61: 45-61. Anticompetitive vs Competitive Explanations of Unilateral Pratices: the Identification Problem, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2010.  Notizie SpA. Pluralismo, perchè il mercato non basta. Bari Laterza, 2010. Damages for Exclusionary Practices: a Primer. Con C.Fumagalli e J.Padilla, in I.Kokkonis e F.Etro (eds.) Competition Law and the Enforcement of Article 82, Oxford UP, 2010. Incentives to Innovate and Social Harm: Laissez-faire, Authorization or Penalties? (con G.Immordino e M.Pagano), Journal of Public Economics, 2011.