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Biographical note

Born  in  Messina. Graduated in law, Messina University. LLM College of Europe, Bruges.  Full Professor of Constitutional Law.  Admitted as a Barrister of Supreme Italian Courts  

Academic CV

Full professor of Constitutional Law- Bocconi University;

Director of the series “Law and Policy of the New Media” Aracne,

International Journal of Communications Law and Policy, http://www.ijclp.net/;

Editor in Chief:

http://www.medialaws.eu/ Law and Policy of the new Media

http://www.diritticomparati.it/ Comparing fundamental rights in Europe


Appointments at national and international Institutions

Elected Associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (2017)

National Reporteur “Digital Single Market” at FIDE (Fédération Internationale pour le Droit Européen) World Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018, appointed in 2017.

National Rapporteur “Right to Be Forgotten at IACL World Congress (International Academy of Comparative Law), Fukuoka, Japan, 2018, appointed in 2017.

Co-Director of Research Group “Internet and Constitution” at IACL (International Association of Constitutional Law) World Congress, Seoul, South Corea, appointed in 2017.

National Rapporteur “Internet Service Provider Liability” at IACL (International Academy of Comparative Law) World Congress (International Academy of Comparative Law), Wien, Austria, 2014, appointed in 2013.

Research areas

European and Comparative Constitutional Law; Media Law; Internet Law, Life Science Law and Cinema (Areas in which Oreste Pollicino is regularly invited as speaker in national and international Conferences).

Visiting Scholarship and Professorship: Oxford University, Law School (Institute of European and Comparative Law and Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy), Central European University (Budapest), Haifa Global Law Program, haifa,Judge at final rounds at Monroe Price Moot Court in Media Law, Oxford University

Judge at final rounds at Monroe Price Moot Court in Media Law, Oxford University

Selected publications


1. (With G. Pitruzzella and S. Quintarelli), Free expression Fake news and Hate speech on line 2017

2. Protection of Fundamental Rights in Internet and Judicial Interaction. A Constitutional Comparative Perspective, under contract with Hart Publishing, Oxford (expected in 2018)

3. (With E. Apa), Modeling the Liability of Internet Service Providers: Google versus Vividown: A Constitutional Perspective, Milan, Egea, 2013, 1-170

4. (With G. Martinico), The Interaction between Europe's Legal Systems: Judicial Dialogue and the Creation of Supranational Laws, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham (UK) || Camberley (UK) || Northampton (USA), 2012, 1-350

5. Allargamento dell’Europa ad est e rapporti tra Corti costituzionali e Corti europee. Verso una teoria generale dell’impatto interordinamentale del diritto sovranazionale? (Enlargment of Europe to East and Relationship between Constitutional and European Courts: Toward a General Theory of the National Impact of the Supranational Law?, in Italian) Milan, Giuffrè, 2010, 1-570

6. (With G. Camera), La legge è uguale, anche sul web. Dietro le quinte del caso (Google-Vividown, All are equal before the Law, also in Internet: Google versus Vividown, in Italian) Milan, Egea, 2010, 1-170

7. Discriminazione sulla base del sesso e trattamento preferenziale nel diritto comunitario: un profilo giurisprudenziale alla ricerca del nucleo duro del new legal order (Discrimination on the ground of sex and preferential treatment in European Law, in Italian) Fondazione Marco “Marco Biagi”, Milan, Giuffrè, 2005, I-330

Edited Books

*(With E. Apa, M. Bassini e T.E Frosini), Fundamental Rights and Italian Constitution in the digital era (in Italian), Mondadori, 2017

*(With G. Busia and L. Liguori), The Data protection Italian legislation 20 years later (in Italian), forthcoming, 2018

*(With R. Mastroianni, O. Razzolini, S. Allegrezza, F. Pappalardo, Commentary to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (in Italian), Giuffrè, 2016, 1-1220

*(With M. Bassini e V. Lubello), Digital inheritance and digital identity, Aracne (in Italian), 2016, 1-176

*(With R. Franzosi and G. Campus), Internet and Copyright protection in the European perspective. The Digital Single Market Copyright, Aracne, 201

*(With G. Romeo), Internet Law, Protection of Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Adjudication,
Routledge, 2016, 1-400

*(With E. Apa), Code of Digital Information, second edition, entirely revised and edition, 2015, Egea, 1-728

*(With M. Bassini), Towards an Internet Bill of Rights? (in Italian), Aracne, 2015, 1-144

*(With E. Apa), The first 15 years of the activity of the Italian Communication Authority, (in Italian) Aracne, 2015, 1-512

*(With S. Gobbato), Sport rights between antitrust and regulation (in Italian), Aracne, 2014, 1-132

* (With G. Martinico), The National Judicial Treatment of Supranational Laws. A Comparative Perspective, Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2010, 1-511W

Entries in Encyclopedia

*Access to Media, Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (Oxford University Press), forthcoming, 2018

*Law and Cinema, Encyclopedia for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Springer), forthcoming, 2018

Articles and Chapters in Books (selection)

* (With O. Soldatov), Striking the Balance between Human Rights Online and State Security Concerns: The Russian Way in a Comparative Context, forthcoming in German Law Journal, 1/2018

* (With G. Martinico e B. Guastaferro), Italy, in A. Albi (ed), The Role of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance, ASSER, forthcoming, 2018

*Fake News, Internet and Metaphors (to be handled carefully), Editorial, in Italian Journal of Public law, 3/2017

*(With M. Bassini), Personal participation in criminal proceedings and in absentia trials. The perspective of constitutional law, in S. Ruggeri, S. Quattrocolo, Personal participation in criminal proceedings. A comparative study of participatory safeguards and in absentia trials in Europe, forthcoming, 2017

*(With E. Bertolini and V. Francheschelli), Analysis of ISP regulation under Italian Law, in G. Dinwoodi (ed), Secondary liability of Internet Service providers, Springer, 2017

* Book Review: V. Barsotti, P. Carozza, M. Cartabia, A. Simoncini, Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context, OUP, 2016, Common Market Law Review, 2017

*(With M. Bassini), Bridge Is Down, Data Truck Can't Get Through...A Critical View of the Schrems Judgment in the Context of European Constitutionalism, in G. Ziccardi Capaldo (ed.), The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 2016, Oxford, 2017.

*Is there an “Italian style” in Constitutional Adjudication? in Italian Journal of Public Law Vol. 1, 2016, 56-71

*(With K. Kowalik-Bańczyk), Migration of European Judicial Ideas Concerning Jurisdiction Over Google on Withdrawal of Information, German Law Journal No. 13, 2016, 315-337.

(With M. Bassini) The Luxembourg Sense of the Internet: Towards a Right to Digital Privacy, in The Global Community, OUP, 2015, 223-246

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