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Assistant Professor
Department of Social and Political Sciences

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Biographical note

Mattia Fochesato is Assistant Professor of Economic History at the Department of Social and Political Science, Bocconi University and research affiliate at the Dondena Center and BIDSA.

His research focuses on the long run determinants of income and wealth distribution across different world regions.

His research has been published in Nature, Explorations in Economic History, The Journal of Public Economics and Antiquity.

Academic CV

2019 – today    Assistant Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Bocconi University

2018 – 2019     Max Geldner Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics, Basel University

2015 – 2018     Post-doctoral Associate, Social Science Division, NYU Abu Dhabi

2014 – 2015     Marie Curie Experienced Researcher Fellow, Economics, SciencesPo, Paris, France

2013                PhD Economics, Department of Economic and Statistics – University of Siena, Italy.

2009                MSc. Economics, Department of Economic and Statistics – University of Siena, Italy.

Research areas

Economic history; political economy; archeology



Peer-reviewed articles

  • Fochesato, M., 2021, “Plagues, wars, political change and fiscal capacity. Late medieval and renaissance Siena, 1337-1556. Economic History Review, https://doi.org/10.1111/ehr.13069
  • Fochesato, M., Bogaard, A. and S. Bowles, S., 2019, “Comparing ancient inequalities: the challenge of comparability, bias, and precision.” Antiquity, vol. 93, Issue 370, pp. 853-869.
  • Bogaard, A., Fochesato, M. and S. Bowles, S., 2019, “The farming-inequality nexus: new methods and evidence from western Eurasia.” Antiquity, vol. 93, Issue 371, pp. 1129-1143.
  • Fochesato, M., 2018, “Origins of Europe’s North-South Divide: Population Changes, Real Wages and the ‘Little Divergence’ in Early Modern Europe”, Explorations in Economic History, 70:91-131.
  • Kohler. T., Smith, M., Bogaard, A., Feinman, G.,Peterson, C., Betzenhauser, A., Pailes, M., Elizabeth C. Stone, E., Prentiss, M., Dennehy, T., Ellyson, L., Nicholas, L., Ronald K. Faulseit, R., Styring, A., Whitlam, J., Fochesato, M., Foor, F. and Bowles, S.,  “Greater Post-Neolithic Wealth Disparities in Eurasia than Americas”, 2017, Nature, http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature24646
  • Fochesato, M. and Bowles, S., 2015, “Nordic Exceptionalism? Social democratic egalitarianism in world historic perspective.” Journal of Public Economics, 127: 30-44.

Other publications

  • Bogaard, A., Styring, A., Whitlam, J., Fochesato, M. and Bowles, S., 2018. “Farming, inequality and urbanization: a comparative analysis of late prehistoric northern Mesopotamia and south-west Germany.” In Ten Thousand Years of Inequality: The Archaeology of Wealth Differences, edited by T. Kohler and M. Smith. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, Amerind Seminar Series.