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Full Professor
Department of Decision Sciences

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Biographical note

Degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Università L. Bocconi. PhD in Statistics, (Inter-University Consortium of the Università di Trento, Università L. Bocconi di Milano, Università di Milano, Università di Pavia, Università di Torino, Università di Genova).

Academic CV

Full Professor of Statistics.

Head of the Department of Decisions Sciences from November 2008 to October 2013.

Previously he was an associate professor and researcher at the Institute of Quantitative Methods , Università L. Bocconi. He is a faculty member for the PhD in Statistics. He previously taught in the Faculty of Economics, Università di Pavia, the Faculty of Pharmacology, Università di Milano, at the Libera Università Carlo Cattaneo, Castellanza and for the PhD in Statistics in the Faculty of Economics, Università di Milano - Bicocca. He is a member of the Italian Society of Statistics (SIS); the American Statistical Association (ASA); the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA). He visited and conducted research in different universities such as Carnegie Mellon University , Duke University , and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Research areas

Bayesian statistical inference. In particular: conjugate, default and reference prior distributions; test of hypothesis; predictive distributions; construction of statistical models;  model selection.
Fiducial inference, confidence distributions and relationships with Objective Bayesian Inference.


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