Courses a.y. 2024/2025

My teaching activity is strictly related to the topics of my research interests.

Biographical note

I am a Researcher with Tenure and a Fellow at the Institute of the European Policymaking @Bocconi.

I am a Professor at the Department of Finance – SDA Bocconi School of Management.

My research focuses on FinTech; bank strategy and management; banks’ business models; digital banking transformation; and Open Banking and Open Finance.

My work has been published in several books, articles, papers and chapters on my research fields’ issues. I am also a speaker and chairperson at many national and international conferences.

I am a reviewer for several Publishers, and a reviewer as well as an editorial board member of several Journals.

Since 2018, I have been an independent Board Member at ABILab (Italian Banking Association Lab on Innovation in Banking).

Since 2019, I have been a member of the Scientific Committee of EFMA (European Financial Management Association).

Since January 2024, I have been a member of the scientific committee of ItaliaFintech. The association of Fintech entrepreneurs in Italy brings together the most innovative national and international companies.

Since February 2024, I have been a member of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Academic Advisory Group (AAG) of the Bank of England.

I also develop my experience as an independent board member in financial institutions and banks.


I earned a MSc in Business Administration - Major in Bank Management - at Bocconi University with a thesis Title: The globalization of financial markets: state of the art and future perspectives (summa cum laude).

International Teachers Program from the Stern Business School - New York University, 1999.

Research interests

Bank strategy and managerial implications on the different business models, with a specific focus on retail banking and digital banking. FinTech with a focus on open banking/finance and ecosystems. Bank marketing and loyalty management. Payment services.

Selected Publications

Omarini, Anna
FinTech and regulation: from start to boost - a new framework in the financial services industry. Where is the market going? Too early to say
Disruptive technology in banking and finance an international perspective on FinTech, 2021

Omarini, Anna
From digital technologies to new economics in banking: how to drive the future of digital money and data information knowledge
Digital transformation and the conomics of banking. Economic, institutional, and social dimensions, 2024

Digiammara, Chiara; Omarini, Anna; Kauffman, Robert J.; Kim, Kwansoo
Evaluating Effects of the Payment Ecosystem on Central Bank Digital Currency Adoption and Design
Proceedings of the 56th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences January 3-6, 2023, 2023

Omarini, Anna
Bank and fintech for transformation of financial services: what to keep and what is changing in the industry

Omarini, Anna
Shifting paradigms in banking: how new service concepts and formats enhance the value of financial services
The fintech disruption : how financial innovation is transforming the banking industry, 2023

Omarini, Anna
The changing landscape of retail banking and the future of digital banking
The future of financial systems in the Digital Age, 2022

Omarini, Anna
Retail banks’ challenges and opportunities from vision and strategy to managing people, processes and capital
Current aspects in business, economics and finance. Vol. 3, 2022

Omarini, Anna
Retail banking: business transformation and competitive strategies for the future

Anna Eugenia Omarini
Digital technologies, Fintech and Techfin in the Financial Intermediation Ecosystem: Partners Affiliation versus Partnering Infrastructure. Towards a regulatory perspective
Research in Economics and Management, 2018

Omarini, Anna
Banks and fintechs: how to develop a digital open banking approach for the bank’s future
International Business Research, 2018

Omarini, Anna
Banks and banking : digital transformation and the hype of Fintech : business impacts, new frameworks and managerial implications

Anna Omarini
FinTech: a new hedge for a financial re-intermediation. Strategy and risk perspectives
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 2020

Omarini, Anna
FinTechs: unbundling and re-bundling in the open industry of banking
The Routledge Handbook of FinTech, 2021

Omarini, Anna
La trasformazione dei settori Banche e FinTech
Contactless signature experience : il futuro della relazione con il cliente tra fisico e virtuale, 2021

Anna Omarini
La digital banking transformation: dall’unbundling al re-bundling, verso nuovi modelli di intermediazione
Bancaria, 2020

Anna Omarini
Banche, FinTech e clienti in un contesto di digital transformation
Digital banking e FinTech : l'intermediazione finanziaria tra cambiamenti tecnologici e sfide di mercato, 2020