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Department of Decision Sciences

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Biographical note

Born August 19th, 1963. Degree in Mathematics from the Università degli Studi di Milano.

Academic CV

Associate Professor of Statistics. Member of I.M.S. (Institute of Mathematical Statistics) and S.I.S. (Italian Statistical Society). Research collaboration with I.M.A.T.I. (C.N.R), Milano, in the field of Mathematical Statistics. Member of the faculty of the PhD in Statistics, Bocconi University. Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews. Referee for international and Italian Statistical journals. Teaching activity in the Faculty of Economics at the Libero Istituto Universitario C. Cattaneo of Castellanza.  Previous teaching activity at University of Nizhni Novgorod (Russian Federation).

Research areas

Bayesian statistics: exchangeability, partial exchangeability, Dirichlet processes and their functionals, inference for Frechet classes and ecological inference from a bayesian perspective.

Descriptive statistics: proposal and analysis of statistical indices  based on probability metrics.

Models for population forecasting.



A note on degenerate exchangeable sequences (joint with  A. Guglielmi). Quaderno n.45/1994 del Dipartimento di matematica dell’Università degli Studi, Milano, 1994.

Bayesian Inference for Contingency Tables with given Marginals (joint with G. Petris). Journal of the Italian Statistical Society, 2, 1995.

A Measure of Dispersion based on Prohorov’s Metric. Metron, LIII, 1995.

Non-Informative, Invariant and Improper Priors: some consequences of their use (joint with  A. Guglielmi). Atti della XXXVIII Riunione Scientifica della S.I.S., 1996.

Contribute on F. P. Cantelli, in Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences: from Seventeenth Century to the present, Wiley, 1997. (Also published  in Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Vol. 3, Update, Wiley, 1999).

Non-Informative Invariant Priors Yield Peculiar Marginals (joint with A. Guglielmi). Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 27, 1998.

Measuring Exchangeability in a Partially Exchangeable Sequence (joint with A. Guglielmi). Quaderno 98.10 dell’Istituto per le Applicazioni della Matematica e dell’Informatica del C.N.R., Milano, 1998.

Synthesis of Distributions through Sets: a unitary approach. Preprint, 2000.

Some New Results for Dirichlet Priors (joint with D. M. Cifarelli). The Annals of Statistics, 28, 2000.

Approximating de Finetti’s Measures for Partially Exchangeable Sequences (joint with A. Guglielmi). Statistics and Probability Letters, 48, 2000. 

A bayesian approach to a problem of social mobility. Proceeding of the International Workshop Statistics in Social and Economic Applications, Nizhni Novgorod University, 2003.

Some new results on random Dirichlet variances (joint with I. Epifani and  A. Guglielmi). Statistics and Probability Letters, 76, 2006.

Bayesian Inference for Lancaster Probabilities (joint with D.M. Cifarelli and R. Graziani).  Applied Mathematical Sciences, 33, 2008.

Moment-based Approximations for the Law of Functionals of Dirichlet Processes (joint with I. Epifani and A. Guglielmi).  Applied Mathematical Sciences, 20, 2009.