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Senior Professor
Department of Social and Political Sciences

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Biographical note

Born December 8th, 1948. Degree in Political Science from the Università di Firenze. Individual Study Program, Harvard Business School.

Academic CV

Full professor of Economic History. Currently Head of the Institute of Economic History. President of ASSI (Italian Association of Business Historians).  Past president of the European Business History Association. President of the Scientific Committee of  ICSIM  (Istituto per la Cultura e la Storia d'Impresa "Franco Momigliano"). Honorary Member of the American Historical Association. Member of the editorial advisory board of the Business History Review, of the editorial board of Enterprise and Society and of Business History. Member of the advisory board of the Business History Conference. Editor of Annali di storia dell'impresa. Co-editor of "Comparative Perspectives in Business History", a series of volumes from Cambridge University Press.

Research areas

Business History.



Books and edited volumes

Proprietà e Direzione: La Rinascente 1917-1969, Franco Angeli, Milan, 198

Impresa e Mercato: Lancia 1906-1969, il Mulino, Bologna, 1996

Big business and the wealth of nations (editor, with A.D. Chandler, Jr., and T. Hikino), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1997

Impresa e Industria in Italia dall’Unità ad oggi (with A. Colli), Marsilio, Venice, 1999

Business history around the World, (editor, with G. Jones), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2003

La Storia d’Impresa come professione, a 600 page collection of the most significant essays,  Marsilio, Venice, 2008

Business History: complexities and comparisons (with A. Colli) Routledge, New York and London, 2011

Storia dell’IRI: il “Miracolo” Economico e il ruolo dell’IRI, editor, Laterza, Bari-Rome, 2012

Book Chapters

Italy: The tormented rise of organizational capabilities between government and families, in A.D. Chandler Jr., F. Amatori, T. Hikino (eds.), Big business and the wealth of nations, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1997

Business history in Italy at the turn of the century (with G. Bigatti), in F. Amatori and G. Jones (eds.), Business history around the World, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2003

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