Courses a.y. 2023/2024

Biographical note

I graduated in Management from Bocconi University and obtained a Ph.D. in Management from Bocconi as well. During my Ph.D. program, I spent a year visiting Kelley Business School at Indiana University. I teach two courses at the undergraduate level: Financial Markets and Institutions and Corporate Banking. I am also the Financial Markets and Institutions course coordinator for the Italian classes (1,200 students approx.).


Research interests

My research focuses on insurance companies and pension fund management.  

Working papers

Spotorno, Lucia; Nocera, Giacomo
Does organization design affect delegated investment performance?

Spotorno, Lucia
Board members qualifications: do they matter? An empirical analysis on Italian insurers

Selected Publications

Spotorno, Lucia
Istituzioni e mercati finanziari Corso 30006 - Sistema finanziario Prof.ssa Lucia Spotorno, Università Bocconi

Lucia Spotorno; Ornella Moro
Do bank-affiliated P&C insurers perform better? An empirical investigation
Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurence-Issues and Practice, 2020

Lucia Spotorno
Capitolo 18 I mercati finanziari. Un'introduzione

Lucia Spotorno
Capitolo 19 I mercati mobiliari

Lucia Spotorno
Il sistema finanziario: un'introduzione

Spotorno, Lucia; Moro, Ornella; Anderloni, Luisa
Bank affiliation influence on life insurers’ performance before and after the financial crisis
Journal of Economics & Management, 2016

Gatti, Stefano; Spotorno, Lucia
Corporate restructuring through asset sales: does it create value for selling shareholders? Empirical Evidence from European data

P. Contaldo; Spotorno, Lucia; F. Vallacqua
Italian labourers participation in private pension plans: an analysis of closed funds targeting specific industries

Paci, Sergio; P. Contaldo; C. Fiorentino; Nocera, Giacomo; Spotorno, Lucia; Vallacqua, Francesco
Pension funds in italy

Spotorno, Lucia
Le prestazioni nella previdenza complementare: le rendite
La previdenza complementare per i dipendenti pubblici e privati, 2008

Spotorno, Lucia
La securitization: strutture contrattuali e modalità operative
Corporate e Investment Banking, Terza edizione, 2005

Spotorno, Lucia
The Venture Capital Industry in Europe: Trends and Figures
Venture Capital: A Euro-System Approach, 2004

Spotorno, Lucia
I titoli azionari
Strumenti e servizi finanziari, 2003

Forestieri, Giancarlo; Capizzi, Vincenzo; Caselli, Stefano; Gatti, Stefano; Geranio, Manuela; Spotorno, Lucia
Investment banking e corporate finance in Italia. Modelli di business e profili professionali
I fabbisogni professionali e formativi nel settore del credito, 2003

Spotorno, Lucia
La cartolarizzazione dei crediti bancari: aspetti generali
Securitization e crediti in sofferenza, 2001

E. Bellizzi; Spotorno, Lucia
Assicurazioni e Internet
Nuove frontiere della tecnologia nel sistema finanziario, 2001