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Biographical note

I am Lecturer for the Departement of Economics at Bocconi since 2013. I am fellow of Baffi-Carefin and fRDB. I obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from Università Bocconi in 2008, after having completed a Master of Science in Economics  in the same University and having obtained my Degree in Economics and Business from Università Cattolica del S. Cuore.

Research interests

Jointly with my teaching activity, I am also involved in the research activity and my interests are mainly in the areas of Education Economics, Labour Economics, Migration, Social exclusion and extreme poverty.

Working papers

M. Braga with D. Checchi, F. Scervini, C. Garrouste
Selecting or rewarding teachers? International evidence from primary schools
Economics of Education Review” , 76 C, 101986.1-101986.13, 2020

M. Braga with E. Borghi and F.Scervini
Fear of the Dark: How Terrorist Events Affect Trust in the Long Run
BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2020-149, 2020

M. Braga with F. Scervini
The performance of politicians: The effect of gender quotas
European Journal of Political Economy 46, 1-14, 2017

M. Braga with M. Pellizzari and M. Paccagnella
The Impact of College Teaching on Students’ Academic and Labor Market Outcomes
The Journal of Labor Economics, 34(3), 781-822, 2016

M. Braga with D.Grieco and F. Bripi
Cooperation and leadership in a segregated community: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment in a South-African township
WIDER Working Paper Series 076, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER), 2016