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Biographical note

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance at Bocconi University. My research interests cover a wide range of topics in financial economics. I hold a Master’s Degree from Sciences Po and a Ph.D. from the European University Institute.

Working papers

U. Akcigit, H. Alp, A. Diegmann and N. Serrano-Velarde
Committing to Grow: Size-Dependent Regulations and Firm Dynamics in East Germany

Selected Publications

Giannetti, Mariassunta; Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas; Tarantino, Emanuele
Cheap trade credit and downstream competition
Journal of Political Economy, 2021

Ufuk Akcigit; Douglas Hanley; Nicolas Serrano Velarde
Back to basics: basic research spillovers, innovation policy and growth
The Review of Economic Studies, 2021

Julian Franks; Nicolas Serrano-Velarde; Oren Sussman
Marketplace lending, information aggregation, and liquidity
The Review of Financial Studies, 2021

Rodano, Giacomo; Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas; Tarantino, Emanuele
Lending standards over the credit cycle
Review of Financial Studies, 2018

Rodano, Giacomo; Tarantino, Emanuele; Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas Andre Benigno
Bankruptcy law and bank financing
Journal of Financial Economics, 2016

Bach, Laurent; Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas Andre Benigno
CEO identity and labor contracts: evidence from CEO transitions
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2015

X. Boutin; G. Cestone; Fumagalli, Chiara; G. Pica; Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas Andre Benigno
The Deep-Pocket Effect of Internal Capital Markets
Journal of Financial Economics, 2013