Courses a.y. 2024/2025

Biographical note

Paola Dubini is Management professor at Università Bocconi, where she is the director of the MSc in Management. She teaches management, strategy ang governance courses to CLEACC and ACME students. Her research and professional interests focus on the conditions of economic viability of cultural organizations, private, public and no profit, and on culture led policies according to  UN SDGs 2030. She sits in the board of several cultural organizations.

Research interests

  • Governance of cultural organizations
  • Culture-led territorial policies
  • Sustainability of cultural organizations
  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Culture and sustainable development 

Selected Publications

Dubini, Paola; Monti, Alberto
An exploratory study of State-owned museum performance in Italy. The interplay between director's characteristics and board diversity
The Oxford handbook of arts and cultural management, 2023

Bertoni, Aura; Dubini, Paola; Monti, Alberto
Participatory event platforms in the urban context: the importance of stakeholders’ meaning of “participation”
Cultural initiatives for sustainable development : contributions to management science, 2021

Dubini, Paola
"Con la cultura non si mangia" (Falso!)