Courses a.y. 2023/2024

Biographical note

After completing my undergraduate studies in Psychology, I worked for a public opinion polling company. I then completed a PhD in Marketing at the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. I joined the Marketing department at Bocconi in September 2020.

I study consumer behavior using experimental methods, focusing on consumer decision making and information processing. I teach marketing and consumer behavior on the undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels.

Research interests

My research focuses on how people make judgments under uncertainty (e.g., predicting the outcomes of future events), how consumers process information during consumption of digital content (e.g., viewing content on different social media apps), and how the scarcity of resources (e.g., limited time and money) affects people’s well-being.

Working papers

Barnea, Uri; J. Meyer, Robert; Nave, Gideon
The Effects of Content Ephemerality on Information processing

Barnea, Uri; Silverman, Jackie
The Prediction Order Effect: People Are More Likely to Choose Improbable Outcomes in Later Predictions

Selected Publications

Barnea, Uri; Hershfield, Hal E.; Mogilner, Cassie
People Who Choose Time Over Money Are Happier
Social Psychological and Personality Science, 2016