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Full Professor
Department of Social and Political Sciences

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Biographical note

Born on April 4th, 1967. Bachelor in Economics from Università Bocconi. PhD in Economics from the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA).

Academic CV

Full Professor of Economics. Research Fellow at CEPR - Centre for Economic Policy Research, London. Research Fellow at CES-Ifo, Munich. Director of the research unit  APE-Analysis in Pension Economics of the Baffi-CAREFIN Center. Research fellow at IGIER - "Innocenzo Gasparini" Institute for Economic Research. Co-Editor of the European Journal of Political Economy and of the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance. Previously, he was a full professor of public economics at Università della Svizzera Italiana, Director of CEPRA (Center for Economic and Political Research on Aging), and an Assistant Professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Research areas

Political Economics. Public economics. Pension schemes.


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  • "Gender Differences in COVID-19 Attitudes and Behavior: Panel Evidence from 8 Countries”, 2020, PNAS, (with P. Profeta, V. Pons et al.)
  • “The Politics of Aging and Retirement: Evidence from Swiss Referenda” forthcoming, Population Studies, (with P. Bello)
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  • “Information and Women’s Intentions: Experimental Evidence About Child Care”, 2017, European Journal of Population, pp. 109–128 (with P. Profeta, C. Pronzato and F. Billari)
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